Cytat | 28/12/2016

Best Regards

Our new web site

Ken Denton | 25/05/2012

Well done Tommy. I did find it eventually. You forgot to mention the"-" when you told me. Searched for ages, gve up and then it suddenly appeared on one of the pages I had already browsed. My fault I suppose. Good quality website that has attracted plenty of interest. Going in my favourites now.

Just taking a peep

Bro Ray Cooke R.O.H. RAOB Grand Council Treasurer | 23/05/2012

Hi Brothers, thanks for the invitation to look at your site, well laid out. Please pass on my fraternal greetings to all and if you wish to look at our site then try Kind regards, Bro Ray

new site

Mark dench ROH | 18/05/2012

Great site easy to use keep up the good work and if your on facebook have a look at

The Horwich Buff's Website

John Henderson R.O.H. (The handsome one from Bolton) | 09/04/2012

Hello again Brothers,

I've just stumbled on this site and congratulate you on the way it's presented and the information contained here.

I'll be along to say hello in person within the next few weeks and hope to bring a few more with me.


Barry Skelhorn | 07/03/2012

sorry, that should br facebook page "RAOB WORLD" also a page called simply RAOB. I am moderator on the RAOB WORLD site. Simply ask to join and I will let you in

Friendship Lodge webpage

Barry Skelhorn | 07/03/2012

if you go to the facebook site "i'm in the RAOB" and post this site details you will get a lot of good feedback. Hope to see you all soon

Your Website

Ken Brown ROH G.P. 2011 Grand Lodge of Northern Ireland | 22/02/2012

Great site. Easy to navigate. Keep it up. I have seen many sites from GLE, but never one from GLE Ltd. I will be back and maybe get a few ideas for the site I'm thinking of building. Not just for my own Lodge but for our other Minor Lodges and our PGL. Congratulations.

Your site

Bro John James Brown ROH PPGP | 22/02/2012

Excellent site - keep up the good work.

May I invite you to join and


Bro Ron Starkey | 21/02/2012

very good site, keek it up

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